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Benefits of Fleet Toll Management

There are a lot of logistics that go into managing a trucking fleet. Not only is it expensive to keep the trucks on the road, but a lot of logistical planning is required to make sure everything arrives at the desired destination in the most cost-effective timeframe possible.

One element that can streamline your processes is to integrate fleet toll management solutions. This approach simplifies things for managers because it consolidates toll payments, fleet tracking, toll citations, and toll violations in one system.

At Innovative Toll Solutions, we have partnered with tolling agencies across the United States. These connections make it possible for our clients to get discounted rates for their tolls, helping to bring down overall costs and simplify the system at the same time.

Fleet Toll Management Systems: How They Work

If you are using a toll management system, it means that a third-party provider is assisting fleet managers with toll fees. When your fleet is using a highway that charges tolls, the costs can quickly stack up. Toll management is a simple solution for paying these fees and reducing fee costs overall.

One of the challenges fleet managers face with tolls is keeping up with the ongoing payments due to different toll authorities across the country. It takes a lot of time, and too often these bills fall through the cracks – resulting in late charges and more.

With a fleet toll management service, your company only needs to send one service fee to the toll management provider, instead of juggling multiple fees and bills coming in throughout the month. The process is possible because of the strategic partnerships we have with tolling agencies. Plus, our customers have a convenient portal to use where they can view all applicable toll data in one location.

The Benefits You Can Expect from Fleet Toll Management

Is fleet toll management right for you? Here are a few benefits to expect when you choose these services:

Lower Expenses

There are a few ways that fleet toll management services can reduce your costs overall:

  • Negotiated Rates: Fleet management providers have higher purchasing power, giving us the ability to negotiate cheaper rates. We pass these discounts onto our customers, which brings down the amount of money you are paying every time a truck goes through a toll road.
  • Avoid Late Charges: When there are many different bills coming through from various toll agencies, it can be tricky to keep up with the payments. If one of the payments is missed or delayed, then additional late charges are incurred, including interest costs and penalties. These extra charges increase the overall expenses. A fleet toll management service eliminates these costly toll violations and late charges.
  • Lower Administrative Fees: Streamlining toll payments into one system helps to reduce administrative burden in your office. As a result, your office team can focus on other responsibilities instead of spending so much time sorting through paperwork and multiple payments.

Even though tolls are always going to be an expense, there are ways to reduce these costs. The savings can really add up over time, especially if you have a large fleet.

Better Toll Traffic for Everyone

A side benefit of using toll management systems is that these solutions can help to reduce traffic and congestion at the toll booths. When cars and trucks are backed up waiting to pay, it slows everyone down.

On the other hand, toll management allows the fleet to move faster through the toll areas, which helps to keep things moving and minimizes the risk of delays.

Better Trucking Routes

Because it can be challenging to work with multiple tolling agencies, some businesses choose to limit the areas where their fleets can go. As a result, service opportunities are restricted because there are too many challenges with trucks going through certain tolls.

On the other hand, a consolidated payment system makes it easier to move trucks through a larger area. It’s less time-consuming to get from point A to point B when multiple toll roads are used in the same trip. Using fleet toll management allows businesses to consolidate their fleet routes and improve service areas simultaneously.

Save Administrative Time

Have you added up the number of hours office staff members are spending on paperwork, schedules, invoices, and payments to keep up with toll roads? Fleet companies often have dozens of toll authorities they are working with, resulting in a significant time commitment to keep up with everything in the office.

With a toll management system, you only need to work with one provider instead of multiple services. So, it’s easier to free up hours each week because administrative work decreases significantly.

Not only do fleet managers and office staff save time, but the drivers also save time because they don’t have to keep track of the tolls. Instead, everything is handled through the toll management system.

Better Data and Management

With all of the tolls consolidated into one system, it’s easier for fleet managers to look at the data. A fleet toll management system provides insights into routes and driving patterns. When this information is used correctly, the business can save even more time and money by optimizing its routes and systems.

Ongoing data is being collected at all times through the toll management system. Not only can the data be analyzed by vehicle, but the broader data shows fleet-wide information. Then, managers can make adjustments as needed. Plus, the increased visibility reduces the risk of overpaying drivers who are incorrectly recording the tolls they’ve paid.

Is Toll Management Right for You?

If you are looking for ways to streamline your fleet management, then we invite you to reach out to our team for more information. We offer personalized services based on your unique needs, with efficient fleet toll management systems for your business. At Innovative Toll Solutions, we are here to make it easier for your fleet managers to keep up with the tolls. Contact us today for a consultation so we can discuss available services.