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Transportation & Logistics

#1 Fleet Management Software

Transportation & Logistics Fleets

Innovative Toll Solutions helps you manage every vehicle in your fleet from a single, intuitive platform.

Private, Leased, or Rental Fleets

Your fleet of vehicles should be your priority. You didn’t get into the world of transportation and logistics so that you could spend endless hours ensuring toll compatibility only to get hit with extra violation charges and administrative fees when you overlook something.

We Help You Manage

We help you manage every vehicle in your fleet from a single, intuitive platform whether they’re owned by your company, rented, or leased. When you join our clientele, we’ll help you register your vehicles and choose the type of set-up that best suits your fleet.

Whether that means using transponders for easy contactless toll payments or registering the license plates with different tolling jurisdictions, we’ll make sure you are covered.

Depending on your business rules and what zones your company cars will be driving through, we can even set you up to receive applicable discounts in HOV or Express Lanes.

fleet toll management
toll management

Actionable Insight

Our platform incorporates custom cutting-edge technology to provide timely data and fleet toll info.

Thus you will have visibility and insight into your entire fleet’s toll spend and associated opportunity costs that would have been otherwise missed.

Now you can track and stay on top of your fleet’s movement pattern while checking any irregular activities. All these capabilities allow for a more informed business operation strategy such as smart routing etc.

Client Success Team

As a logistics company, you’re all about solving problems in the simplest and most efficient way possible. Your company will have a dedicated client success team that works to ensure your fleet is in good hands.

Our success team will be with you from the very start during onboarding and stay with you through the entire course with us. Think of the success team as part of your company’s extended team.

The client success team will ensure that all your fleet requirements are met in a timely and convenient manner to you as a client.

toll management software

Fleet Benefits

toll management

Nationwide Coverage

Optional Toll Transponders based on business territory footprint. Alternative coverage options are available.

toll management

Cost-Saving Benefits

Save on time and associated costs that go hand in hand with Toll and citation management nationwide.

toll management

Consolidated Invoicing

One reconciled & simplified bill replaces all the individual toll & citation invoices sent by agencies nationwide.

Fleet Maintenance Management

Innovative Toll Solutions is a
Fleet Management Tool

We offer a fleet management tool that provides an online dashboard as well as a mobile app both of which offer an enhanced & unique overall user experience.

Why Choose Innovative Toll

fleet toll management

True Innovation


We designed our AI-powered systems and processes specifically with your benefit in mind, using only what we know to be the most cutting-edge technology in the industry.

fleet toll management

True Value


You will have one platform from which to manage every toll and moving violation in your fleet. This time and money-saving advantage gives you a unique edge over your competitors

fleet toll management

Complete Visibility


Our complex, yet simple-to-use solutions let you manage your fleet efficiently and effectively, greatly improving your ability to make informed business decisions.

Ready to get started?

Innovative Toll Solutions is a Fleet Management Tool

We provide an online dashboard and a mobile app, both offering an enhanced & unique overall user experience.