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Industry Insights

Industry Insights

Business processes must adapt to worldwide shortages and constraints. Efficiency should be integrated whenever possible.

Worldwide disruptions within the Supply Chain and logistics space have had significant and drastic impacts on the flow of goods and services. As we adjust to worldwide shortages and constraints, business processes will have to adjust as well and integrate efficiency(s) whenever possible.

Construction, Utility & Power

Several service industry verticals have been impacted differently causing all sorts of inefficiencies worldwide. Now more than ever it has become more and more apparent that companies need to focus more on their core business processes and efficiently manage and/or outsource non-core business processes.

Forging strategic partnerships is one-way companies are realizing their full potential as they continue to outsource non-core business processes.

As more and more companies realize the benefits that come with outsourcing non-core business processes, the alliance formed gets stronger and more meaningful.

toll management software
fleet toll management

Auto Dealerships & Rental

The auto Dealership car market chip shortage has had a significant impact on how automakers supply their partner dealerships with cars.

This has changed how auto dealerships interact with their customers and automaker suppliers.

Our Fleet Benefits

toll management

Nationwide Coverage

Optional Toll Transponders based on business territory footprint. Alternative coverage options are available.

toll management

Cost-Saving Benefits

Save on time and associated costs that go hand in hand with Toll and citation management nationwide.

toll management

Consolidated Invoicing

One reconciled & simplified bill replaces all the individual toll & citation invoices sent by agencies nationwide.

Fleet Maintenance Management

Innovative Toll Solutions is a
Fleet Management Tool

We offer a fleet management tool that provides an online dashboard as well as a mobile app both of which offer an enhanced & unique overall user experience.

Why Choose Innovative Toll

toll management

True Innovation


We designed our AI-powered systems and processes specifically with your benefit in mind, using only what we know to be the most cutting-edge technology in the industry.

toll management

True Value


You will have one platform from which to manage every toll and moving violation in your fleet. This time and money-saving advantage gives you a unique edge over your competitors.

toll management

Complete Visibility


Our complex, yet simple-to-use solutions let you manage your fleet efficiently and effectively, greatly improving your ability to make informed business decisions.

Ready to get started?

Innovative Toll Solutions is a Fleet Management Tool

We provide an online dashboard and a mobile app, both offering an enhanced & unique overall user experience.