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#1 Fleet Management Software

Automotive Fleets

Innovative Toll Solutions helps you manage every vehicle in your fleet from a single, intuitive platform.


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Demo/Test Drive Solution

toll management

Loaner/Courtesy Fleet Solution

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Rental Fleet Solution


  • Instant Toll Charge-back to the customer(s) whenever a rental unit is being brought back to the dealership.
  • Visibility & insight on Fleet spending when it comes to Tolling & moving violations to assist with budgeting & financial planning.
  • The entire fleet will be protected from admin fees of any kind that could be assessed by local authorities.
  • The fleet will be assigned a dedicated account manager that will handle ALL the client’s needs.
  • Consolidated billing and invoicing as compared to the highly fragmented billing & invoicing nature of tolling authorities.

Our Fleet Benefits

toll management solutions

Nationwide Coverage

Optional Toll Transponders based on business territory footprint. Alternative coverage options are available.

toll management solutions

Cost-Saving Benefits

Save on time and associated costs that go hand in hand with Toll and citation management nationwide.

toll management solutions

Consolidated Invoicing

One reconciled & simplified bill replaces all the individual toll & citation invoices sent by agencies nationwide.

Fleet Maintenance Management

Innovative Toll Solutions is a
Fleet Management Tool

We offer a fleet management tool that provides an online dashboard as well as a mobile app both of which offer an enhanced & unique overall user experience.

Why Choose Innovative Toll

toll management software

True Innovation


We integrate tried and true methods of toll management with the latest technology through our proprietary system that handles all your toll solution needs from one central location.

toll management software

True Value


We can’t overstate the time-saving value of a single system to handle every toll fee and moving violation. And since time is such a valuable asset in fleet management, you’ll find yourself with a huge advantage over your competitors.

toll management software

Complete Visibility


No more wondering about whether or not you’re doing the right thing with your toll management. The visibility and insight we offer remove the guesswork and supply you with critical, decision-making data.

Ready to get started?

Innovative Toll Solutions is a Fleet Management Tool

We provide an online dashboard and a mobile app, both offering an enhanced & unique overall user experience.