About Us

We are Innovative

INNOVATIVE TOLL is a Full Service Toll Management solution provider. We work with ALL the local Tolling authorities nationwide on our clients behalf. We do it all from simple toll consultation to the full end-to-end Toll Management cycle. Our current clientele ranges from Trucking, Autodealers, Distribution, Utility, Construction just to mention afew. We service anyone that keeps and maintains a private fleet.

Just as out name suggests, our solution(s) are innovative and developed with the current and ever changing Tolling environment. Our cutting edge proprietary technology incorporates new and emerging technology(s) such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to add value.

As opposed to some of our competitors, we understand that Tolling Management is not a one size fits all type of business model; As such we custom develop tailored solutions for each and every single one of our clients. The result is a very satisfied client base with custom toll management solution that works for them and not the other way around.

Toll Management continues to be a necessary part of day-to-day operations and the sooner you form a relationship with a great toll management solution provider, the better you will set yourself for success in the changing Tolling space.


Gaps in Marketplace: The tolling space nationwide is full of independent tolling authorities that operate on their own set business rules. This introduces a complex tolling system that requires some sort of agreement with each authority. There aren’t that many solutions that have been able to effectively fill this gap and that’s how we came to be a Toll Management…

Vision & Mission

A Better Toll Management Solution: We simply want to solve the existing tolling quagmire that has been conjured up by the different tolling authorities. We also want to do this in the most efficient and effective way for our clients.

Stack Up

Competition: It would be naïve to say that we don’t have competition; However, we kinda don’t. Our solution is agile and robust since its been designed with the changing transportation & logistics landscape of the 21st century. Most of our competition (if not all) still run on Legacy systems (MS Dos). We run AI (artificial intelligence) and Machine Learning software.…


Be Part of History: We may be young and small, but so were some of the biggest companies that exist today. We are so good at what we do that we have one of the BIGGEST companies on the planet as our client. This just goes to show the opportunity(s) that lays ahead.