Our toll management solution offers truckers with a platform from which all their tolls and associated moving violations can be managed from. Our solution eliminates the need to keep multiple toll accounts nationwide while still providing the same benefits if not more.

A single platform that offers detailed reporting and overview on the important info and data needed by truckers to make important business decisions. Detailed insight on the actual tolling cost associated with day to day business activity.

Our solution handles all the toll related issues and requirements to remain compliant with the different tolling authorities nationwide. Timely and actionable toll data ready and available for truckers from one platform.

No more toll administrative tasks such as going through toll violation invoices and/or toll bills. Our full service solution allows for a trucking company to completely outsource their toll related tasks and admin work for a fraction of the cost.



Our Toll Management platform will handle all your tolling needs to stay compliant with the local and national tolling authorities.

Actionable Toll Data

Timely and actionable toll data allows for fleet managers and trucking companies to compare toll spend and budget.


Ability to have different departments managed separately while still staying visible and on the same account.