Why Go With Us

Loaner(s) Toll Management
(Recover Up to 99% Tolls)

All tolling is managed from a single solution and the client is provided with timely toll data just in time to bill the customer.
The delay in toll data is greatly reduced making it possible for auto-dealer to act fast and effectively

Toll Protection Against Toll Violations
Our solution ensures that your entire
fleet is covered and protected from Toll violation invoices sent by the toll

Instant Toll Charge-Backs
(Customers Pay As They Bring Back Loaner)

Reconciliation of Tolls is made possible and timely for auto-dealer to bill the customer as they are bringing back the loaner.
Clients will no longer have to wait and / or incur the toll costs associated with loaners.

We Make You Whole on Your Toll Spend
Our solution ensures that once your service manager and/or cashier is given login info, they can begin charging tolls to the customer(s) as the loaners are being returned. Now you no longer have to foot the toll cost and can charge it back to the customer(s).

Cost & Time Saving
(Tolls & Overall Cost Reduced)

Our solution offers cost savings i.e. Toll
Discounts, waivers on late fees; reconciliation & consolidation of all tolls violation(s) transactions on one invoice.Time saving by our dedicated account managers who handle all toll violations issues.

We Negotiate On Your Behalf With the Toll Authority(s)
Rather than keep a full-time employee
to handle toll violations and attempt to deal with the toll authority(s), we do ALL
the heavy lifting. We will negotiate a discounted/reduced toll amount with
the toll authority(s) based on our long standing business relationships with tolling authority(s).

As an auto dealer tolling presents itself as an ongoing business challenge.



Our Toll Management platform will handle all your tolling needs to stay compliant with the local and national tolling authorities.

Data Auto-sync

Timely data and actionable toll data allows for dealers to recover toll costs associated with rental, sales Agent and loaner fleet(s).


Ability to have different departments managed separately while still staying visible and on the same account.


Give your staff and sales team the tools needed for them to focus on selling vehicles rather than keeping up with toll violation invoices during demos and test drives.


Our toll management solution provider, allows you to benefit from all the additional services we have to offer such as toll admin, toll dispute resolution etc.

Cost Relief

Auto Dealers will no longer have to “eat” the Toll costs associated with rental/courtesy fleet. Our platform allows for a car dealer to process 95% of tolls as the customer is returning the vehicle.​.

Why Go With Us